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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services on Florida homes



Use the experienced Property Management companies below—all British-owned who know the
ropes themselves in this field.   

►  DISNEY VACATION AREA:   TONY O’REILLY-BROOKES is the British owner of a Property Management Company in Kissimmee. A Member of FABB [Florida Association of British Business], he is also a licensed realtor.  Tony has worked in Florida business since 2011, moving over with his English wife and two children from England.  He offers fellow Brits:  Property Management–long and short term rentals, Vacation home in the Disney area and realty services to British people who have made their decision to buy or rent here in the Sunshine State. He has helped many Brits “get sorted” in the Sunshine State!   He works with the brokerage of La Rosa Realty in Celebration.  To see the complete range of services Tony offers YOU, see his comprehensive website  www.myorlandovacation.com   OR for realty searches only in the Kissimmee/Orlando area go to www.tony.larosarealty.com   Contact Tony O’Reilly-Brookes to discuss your needs on cell  [407] 572-5437  OR email  tony@ffcvh.com


  DAVID BRYLOWSKI with British business partner/wife Beverly,   handle property management and vacation rentals for vacation homes, in the Central Florida area.  Based in Davenport, he is experienced at helping UK-based residents who own Florida property of any sort in the Davenport and Kissimmee areas.  David offers the following services for you:   A complete, yet flexible management service.  Connection to worldwide based booking agencies.   Complete maintenance service to meet your requirements.  Complete concierge service for your guests.  We use the latest IT technology for the ultimate guest experience.    Originally from the UK,  David has worked in Florida since 2014.  A member of  FABB, the Florida Association of British Business,  David works with Welcome Homes USA.  See their website www.welcomehomesusa.com   Contact him directly to discuss your needs on cell [407] 490-9437 or email  david@welcomehomesusa.com    

► TIP £$£$:  If you want to bring your money from the UK to Florida. Or vice versa.
Here’s the best way:   
DON’T USE YOUR BANK!  Use Moneycorp.
The pound is pitiful!  That affects all expats in Florida who still have UK dealings.  But Moneycorp’s rates are currently [2017] the best.  To transfer your precious funds, we highly recommend the services of Moneycorp.  This will save you fees and grief, as we Londoners say!  What your own bank won’t do is save you the considerable exchange fees.  Moneycorp does that for you.   NOW is the most advantageous time for you to transfer any funds you have.  THE BEST WAY:  Moneycorp.   At lower rates than any bank.   Moneycorp is the only UK currency exchange company licensed to deal in 50 states.   Expat Brits here –including many personal Brit friends of mine–have used this currency service for years and report savings and satisfaction.   TO FIND OUT MORE:    Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin on  [863] 207-6616 at their USA HQ in Orlando to ask all your questions.  Or email your query to Kelly Cutchin  kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com for details.  Moneycorp has a UK office too so Kelly may set up your account in the UK—whichever suits you.    Posted by the Florida Association of British Business [FABB]  Moneycorp have been trusted members since 2005.   [2017] 


Do you know whether and how you can access your lump sum and bring it over to the USA?
For a FREE review of your UK pension contact Mark Solomons in Florida with Florin Pensions
direct on  [561] 793-1311 email  msolomons@florinpensions.com  On Subject line put:  “To Mark Solomons—UK pension query”.    Include your name + city + phone + a sentence about the type of company/private pension you paid into.   NOTE: The UK’s decision to leave the EU has resulted in Gilt yields reaching all time historic lows,  pushing up the transfer values of UK defined benefit pensions schemes.  That means your unfrozen pension is worth MORE since July 2016.  Mark is a longtime member of the Florida Association of British Business.  As FABB’s UK pensions expert he has unfrozen many pensions for USA expats over the years.


Since 1997, FABB has helped hundreds of Brits get established in Florida—-m
ore than any other professional organization.  We steer you through the whole process.  Benefit from our unmatched immigration and relocation services. Save time, money, research and avoid being conned.   After joining,  we send you custom information suited to your needs—your roadmap to a potential life in Florida.
FABB’s small one-time membership fee, to deter time-wasters and pay for our staff time, is well worth it.  Due to the considerable staff time involved,  we cannot work with non-members.
TO APPLY:   Send email to publisher@britishflorida.com
On Subject line put:  “Join FABB UK. ”   Include your name + UK city + area of Florida you wish to settle.  
FABB will put you on the road to Florida.