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team of British Attorneys and Solicitors.

British residents in Florida contact us frequently seeking legal advice specifically from BRITISH lawyers. They feel more comfortable opening up to a fellow expat who has also faced the hurdles of working and living here and who has specialist UK-USA legal insights no American lawyer can match.  FABB has established members of the legal profession, all British and/or UK solicitors.  Like all attorneys, each specialises in a different area.  If he/she cannot handle your case they can refer you to a trusted colleague.  Each has clients or legal associates in Florida and the UK.   FEES:  Attorneys have to feed their kids and pay their mortgage too!  So I say this on their behalf.  When you call, ask FIRST if they give a free first consultation [they usually do] and then what they charge to handle your matter later on. —PK, FABB President

►   Do you need advice on UK legal matters?  Sandra Campbell is a UK qualified solicitor, based in the UK who spends her time between Florida and the UK.  Do you need advice on UK legal matters?  Now you can contact a qualified legal professional who can advise on any UK matter:   UK wills, inheritance, credit card debts, mortgages,  divorce,  immigration over to the UK,  UK property or business affairs or any form of litigation in the UK.   She can refer you a other UK solicitors she works with,   if necessary. Her company in the UK is Campbell and Co. solicitors in Harrow, with an office also in Mayfair, London.  Find details on www.campbellandcosolicitors.co.uk   A member of  Florida Association of British Business [FABB] since 2005, Sandra is based in Boca Raton but advises British expat clients in all parts of Florida.   Contact Sandra directly in Florida on [561] 807-6823 or at her UK office on 01144 0203 586 4185.   Or email your legal query to:  Sandra@campbellandcosolicitors.co.uk   On Subject line put:   TO SANDRA CAMPBELL FABB legal query.  ►   WILLS:    If you’re a Brit living in Florida,  [and therefore more likely to die here],  make your will in Florida.   If you ever move back to the UK,  then make a new one over there.   We recommend you use Sandra Campbell to draw up your will.  

►   ROBERT DIXON is one of FABB’s excellent  array of British lawyers, based in MIami.  Originally from the UK,  Robert has been practicing Personal Injury law in Florida since 2006.   NOTE :  His firm can represent  visitors from UK who have accidents while here.  That happens fairly often, especially in Orlando!   The Law Firm of Robert Dixon represents clients in a broad range of such cases:  car accidents, bus crashes, truck wrecks, and motorcycle accidents,  medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, slip and falls, and defective products, reckless or careless actions, wrongful death claims.    For a complete overview of how Robert Dixon can act for you, consult his comprehensive website www.flaccidentattorney.com   He serves clients in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and throughout the State of Florida.  Says Robert:   “We protect the rights of victims via negligence lawsuits.  My sensitive staff will assess the details of your situation and provide you with dedicated representation to help you pursue compensation for your injuries.”   Please Robert Dixon’s office 24/7 on (877) 499-4878 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.   Or contact them online via their website [live chat available].    

►  FLORIDA  British-born lawyer Gavin Tudor Elliot, based in Miami Beach, licensed to practice in England and Wales, Florida, Washington D.C. and the Federal Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida has been practicing law since 2002.   He has unique international and domestic experience earned in and out of the courtroom on behalf of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in complex business and real estate matters.  He has experience  in UK-USA cross-border transactions, Florida and US transactions and  Florida and Federal litigation and trials.  He seeks long-term, partnering relationships with clients, to the end of providing the best total solution to the client’s legal needs. He stresses — and clients rightfully expect — good results. To that end, he employs innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work to ensure the clients’ legal needs are met. Contact Gavin to discuss your needs at [305] 927 0473 or email him at  gelliot@elliotlegalcom    FABB member since December 2016.

► ►  FOR IMMIGRATION MATTERS ONLY,   FABB has a Florida-based immigration firm we have worked work exclusively for many years, not shown on this page.  See the IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY WE RECOMMEND page on this website—click on the green EMIGRATE button on Home page.   They specialize in British clients and we recommend them highly.   

►  PUBLIC SERVICE CORNER, especially for newcomer Brits:   Florida is the most fraudulent state in the USA—official FBI statistics. If you have been scammed or suspect one, report it to:  The Attorney General’s office via  www.myfloridalegal.com   or   Call tollfree 1-866-9NO-SCAM.   


NOTE:    ALL ATTORNEYS AND LEGAL MATTERS IN FLORIDA ARE GOVERNED BY THE FLORIDA BAR.   A lawyer canot practise in Florida unless he/she is licensed there.  See if a lawyer is licensed in Florida on the state’s only official website   http://www.flabar.org

►►►  Find legal forms on Florida’s official website www.flcourts.org  

£   TIP:  WANT TO SAVE WHEN TRANSFERRING over UK CURRENCY?   DON’T USE YOUR BANK!  Use Moneycorp.  [ I use Moneycorp myself–FABB President.]   The pound is shaky.  That affects all expats in Florida who still have UK dealings. To transfer your precious funds, we highly recommend you use the services of Moneycorp.  At lower rates than any bank!  This will save you fees and grief, as we Londoners say!  What your own bank won’t do is save considerable  exchange fees, like Moneycorp.   NOW is an advantageous time for you to transfer any funds you have.  THE BEST WAY:   Moneycorp, the UK company with an office in Florida and droves of satisfied Florida clients. It is the only UK currency exchange company licenced to deal in 50 states.   Many expat Brits here have used this currency service for years and report huge savings and satisfaction.   TO FIND OUT MORE:    Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin on  [863] 207-6616 at their USA HQ in Orlando to ask all your questions.  Or email your query to Kelly Cutchin  kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com for details.  Moneycorp’s HQ is in England.   Posted by the Florida Association of British Business [FABB].  Moneycorp have been trusted members since 2005] 

►►►   ARE YOU OVER 35?  DID YOU PAY INTO A UK COMPANY/PRIVATE PENSION?  Do you know whether and how you can access your lump sum and bring it over to the USA?   For a FREE review of your UK pension contact Mark Solomons in Florida with Florin Pensions direct on  [561] 793-1311 email  msolomons@florinpensions.com  On Subject line put:  “To Mark Solomons—UK pension query”.    Include your name + city + phone + a sentence about the type of company/private pension you paid into.   NOTE: The UK’s decision to leave the EU has resulted in Gilt yields reaching all time historic lows,  pushing up the transfer values of UK defined benefit pensions schemes.  That means your unfrozen pension is worth MORE since July 2016.  Mark is a longtime member of the Florida Association of British Business [FABB].  As FABB’s UK pensions expert he has unfrozen many pensions for USA expats over the years.