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CRUISES from Florida + VIRGIN VOYAGES coming soon.




VIRGIN VOYAGES…..coming to Miami in 2020. 


On March 22, 2017 the new Virgin Voyages began the process of their first-ever ship with a steel-cutting event in Genoa. The entire #MakeShipHappen event was on aired on Facebook Live. In addition to cutting the first piece of steel for the construction of Virgin’s three mid-sized ships, Virgin Voyages also announced the firms that comprise cruising’s first creative collective.  VIRGIN VOYAGES cuts steel and reveals all-star DESIGN CREATIVE collective 10 of Brightest and Boldest Architects and Designers from the Land Join Forces to Bring a Sea Change to Cruising.    

The Virgin Voyages logo is hoisted by Bain Capital Managing Director Stephen Pagliuca (left), Voyages President & CEO Tom McAlpin (Center) and Fincantieri Ship Yard Director Paola Capobianca (Right)    GENOA – March 22, 2017 – Celebrating a major milestone in Virgin Voyages’ ascent towards its 2020 debut, President and CEO Tom McAlpin was joined by Fincantieri team members and their hand-picked, world-class design collective to cut the first piece of steel for the construction of Virgin’s three mid-sized ships.    Prior to being presented the first steel plate for Ship 1 (Hull number 6287), and then proudly hoisting a specially produced cutout of the Virgin Voyages icon, McAlpin expressed his deep gratitude for the tireless commitment from the Virgin Voyages crew and all their key partners. His comments made it clear that Voyages has a bold and exciting future ahead, “Today is the moment when our intrepid, romantic and irresistible vision for Virgin Voyages starts to become tangible. I’ve been inspired by the passion from all those involved, it’s so exciting as we continue to work together to bring true sea change to the cruise industry.”      Sir Richard Branson Leads the Countdown for the First Piece of Steel to be Cut for Virgin’s Three Mid-Sized Ships.       In addition to the steel cutting, Virgin Voyages also announced the firms that comprise cruising’s first creative collective. A world-renowned group of veritable “all-stars” in their respective disciplines and specialties, each of the 10 companies engaged are responsible for different aspects of the ship’s various public and private sailor spaces.  

McAlpin added, “The design collective includes some of the world’s most stylish firms who are creators of design trends, not followers. Together they are imagining a vessel unlike anything sailors have experienced before that will be a complete departure from the ordinary. With this group, we have a depth in creativity that brings a different perspective to space design at sea that will change cruising for good. Irresistible style will finally find its sea legs.”  

Virgin Voyages’ first ship, of about 110,000 gross tons, will arrive at PortMiami in 2020. The ship will host more than 2,700 sailors and 1,150 spirited crew members. The first ship in the fleet will offer a range of Caribbean itineraries to ports that deliver Virgin styled and deeply social experiences. Future sailors are invited to check out Virgin Voyages by visiting www.virginvoyages.com

VIRGIN VOYAGES Sailing 2020 out of Miami—-stay up to date:  Consult:  Welcome Aboard Virgin Voyages   www.virginvoyages.com      READ ARTICLE  http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/virgin-voyages-sets-sail-miami

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