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  SINCE FLORIDA has some 1.4 million UK tourists a year, many of whom wish to drive a car while here, FABB gets more queries about driving than any other.  This resource page was created to answer your questions!   Florida has its own driving laws,  many differing from other USA states.    

►   British visitors may use their international or UK licence for the 3 months of your tourist visa
OR 6 months if you own property in Florida. Florida does not issue permanent drivers licences to non-residents.  That has been the case since 9-11,  as an anti-terrorist security measure. So visitors from the UK who do not have permanent residency can NOT obtain a Florida driver’s licence.   

►    FOR FLORIDA PERMANENT RESIDENTS ONLY:  HOW TO GET A FLORIDA DRIVING LICENCE:    CONSULT THE OFFICIAL STATE OF FLORIDA WEBSITE FOR DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES:  www.flhsmv.gov   Or phone the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee on [850] 922-9000 and ask all your driving questions. 

CAR INSURANCE—-FIRST STEP:  CALL OUR INSURANCE COMPANY  FOR THE CORRECT, CURRENT ANSWERS.  FABB works with West Insurance Group,  based in Ft Lauderdale with a Tampa satellite office.  West specializes in auto insurance for Florida Brits, newcomers and longtime residents.  Phone WEST INSURANCE (954) 491-1942,  FABB members since 2002.   Ask for owner Trae West.  Or email: trae@westinsfl.com  and  traewest@msn.com    IMPORTANT:  On subject line put:   TO TRAE–UK driver   TRAE says  “70% of our clients are Brits and FABB members and our agency will get you insured and advise you how to overcome problems.  Many insurance agents will NOT be able to answer your questions on international car insurance.  We can!”   FYI:  Once you’ve settled in Florida, Titan also offers homeowners, commercial property, business insurance and workers compensation–all useful for Brits living in Florida].

►    BUYING A CAR IN FLORIDA       British visitors on a tourist visa,  including those who own a Florida holiday home and spend several months a year here,  may have difficulty buying a car in Florida.  That’s because you can’t get insurance without official proof of residency.   Contact West Insurance below to ask what’s possible in your case.   Also where are you going to store it safely for your months back in UK?   So most UK visitors rent a car each time they come over to Florida.  You can purchase a car without a Florida Driver’s licence but it’s not easy.   Newcomer resident Brits will pay a higher premium till they get established.

►    The USA does not recognise your UK driving record, however perfect.  America has always been a very insular country in many matters.
►    Good News: in Florida it is the CAR not the driver who is insured, so anybody licensed to drive your car is insured, with certain restrictions, of course.    NOTE:  Florida authorities want to see you in person with your actual proof of residency documents, to obtain a Florida licence.

Beware of look-alike websites trying to get money from you!  ONLY go to this official website above.  


►►►   ARE YOU OVER 35?  DID YOU PAY INTO A UK COMPANY/PRIVATE PENSION?    Do you know whether and how you can access your lump sum and bring it over to the USA?  For a FREE review of your UK pension contact Mark Solomons in Florida with Florin Pensions
direct on  [561] 793-1311 email  msolomons@florinpensions.com  On Subject line put:  “To Mark Solomons—UK pension query”.    Include your name + city + phone + a sentence about the type of company/private pension you paid into.  NOTE: The UK’s decision to leave the EU has resulted in Gilt yields reaching all time historic lows,  pushing up the transfer values of UK defined benefit pensions schemes.  That means your unfrozen pension is worth MORE since July 2016.  Mark is a longtime member of the Florida Association of British Business [FABB].  As FABB’s UK pensions expert he has unfrozen many pensions for USA expats over the years. 


►   DO YOU NEED TO TRANSFER CURRENCY OVER FROM THE UK?   DON’T USE YOUR BANK–Use Moneycorp.  BENEFIT FROM BREXIT!    At lower rates than any bank .   For property/business transactions/pension funds transfer or other purposes.   Or transfer to/from any other  country worldwide.  FABB you help you save considerable  exchange fees via our partner Moneycorp.   WE RECOMMEND MONEYCORP of the UK with an office in Orlando, Florida.  Moneycorp is the only UK currency exchange company licenced to deal in 50 states.   Many expat Brits here have used this currency service for years and report huge savings and satisfaction.   Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin direct on her cell [863] 207-6616 to ask all your questions.  She is based at their HQ in Orlando.  Or email your query to Kelly Cutchin  kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com for details.  Moneycorp has a UK office too so she may set up your account in the UK—whichever suits you.