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David Beckham’s Miami Soccer team-latest!


December 1, 2016  David and Victoria Beckham are looking at a large Star Island mansion in Miami Beach for  a home for their themselves and 4 children for when his team starts in 2018.  Credible report in the Miami Herald today naming the Miami Beach realtor they are using. 

David Beckham.  UPDATE:  At a June 9, 2016 event in Miami,  David Beckham’s Miami attorney told me officially that the first ball won’t be kicked till 2018.  Email me for expanded information.  NOTE:  We look forward to the day that Orlando City Soccer Club will play Miami Beckham United!  The Sunshine’s State’s “local derby” as we Brit soccer fans call it.


Becks and Patricia Photo by Robin Hill (c) [Photo caption above] Patricia Kawaja’s hand up talking to David Beckham at February 2015 Press conference in Miami. 


NOTE:   Vistasoccersticker The above exclusive Brits of Miami Support bumpersticker was designed and created by Patricia Kawaja in 2013 as soon as David Beckham  announced Miami was his new stadium choice. I wanted to show David’s people that the huge Miami British community–his future ticket buyers and a significant soccer market–were behind him.  I sent one to David’s office, his business partner Marcelo Claure, his sports management company in California, his attorney in Miami, the British Consul in Miami and other key figures to display in their offices.  I only have a few left at $5 each.  Call my office [305] 371-9340 to purchase—-PK.   

MIAMI BECKHAM UNITED  called MBU on this page from now on.

May 7, 2016:   Front page article in Miami Herald about legal snafus between the City and Beckham’s people about the stadium.  This is delaying proceedings and building cannot go forward until agreements are reached.  Beckham has been back in Miami early May 2106 for meetings and seen about town. Read article below http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article76065727.html

♣  December 5, 2015—It’s official!!  Miami Beckham United announces it has FINALLY found its stadium site,  north of the Miami river in Overtown.
Find full story in Miami Herald–search by ” Beckham announces site in Overtown for stadium.”   

♣    November 2015.  More twists and turns re settling on a stadium location.  One of MBU’s investors Tim Leiweke has now become the official spokesperson to media and issues statements on the latest developments.  Just go to www.miamiherald.com and search by Tim Leiweke and/or Miami Beckham United.  He may be contacted at MBU’s investment group in Los Angeles California   www,oakviewgroup.com   Tel. [310] 954-4800 

♣     July 17, 2015   Nothing is signed, sealed, and delivered, but Miami Beckham United appears closer than ever before to securing a stadium for a future MLS expansion club.  After a meeting with Beckham United ownership, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado announced on Friday a tentative deal with the club to construct a privately financed stadium near Marlins Park, at the site of the old Orange Bowl, which a Beckham United spokesperson called “another step forward.”   “Today’s meeting with Mayor Regalado was another positive step toward bringing a world-class soccer club to Miami,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “We’re still in the early planning stages and several viable options still exist, but our preferred stadium location is the former Orange Bowl site. [The ownership group] is thrilled by the initial outpouring of support we’ve received from our fans and we’re excited about sharing our plans with the City, County and community soon.”    The news came following a video conference between Regalado and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, a leading figure in the Beckham United ownership group, along with former LA Galaxy star David Beckham and entertainment impresario Simon Fuller.  FOR LATEST INFO  go to Miamiherald.com and  Search for David Beckham Stadium and Miami Beckham United.

►►►  March 24, 2015—-Things are moving again!! Yaaay!  Beckham was in Miami again a few days ago for more talks about his stadium site.  
Read article below in Miami Herald for full details. HEADLINE:   Soccer’s Miami push revving up again. 

►►   BY DOUGLAS HANKS    DHANKS@MIAMIHERALD.COM  Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article16177331.html#storylink=cpy

►►►   January 2015—-RADIO SILENCE FROM HIS PR COMPANY in MIAMI and CITY of MIAMI officials  and Miami Beckham United [his working team name]. His PR company is keeping my office apprised so watch this space.—–


►►►   Above car [or office window] stickers were custom-designed by Patricia Kawaja, publisher of this website. The stickers are specifically to rally support among Miami’s considerable resident British community—who will be guaranteed buyers of tickets to Beckham’s team.  It’s our game–we invented it!!  We are Beckham Miami United’s target market.  Miami residents are not just Latins you know!  Droves of Europeans Footie fans live here too.   These stickers measure 11.5″ by 3.5 inches and are fade-proof top quality vinyl.   To purchase:  $5 each including postage.  Mail a cheque with your name +address + phone, made out to the British Bureau, 1717 North Bayshore Drive # 3250, Miami FL 33132.  Or just send $5 cash.  Will mail your sticker [s] by firstclass mail within 48 hours.  Questions: Call [305] 371-9340

►  On May 22, 2014  New plans for the proposed non-port stadium location were revealed at a press conference at the Inter-Continental Hotel in downtown [which I attended].  To see the renderings and read a full report read the May 22 full page article BECKHAM REVEALS ANOTHER SITE  by Patricia Mazzei in the Miami Herald below:   http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/05/22/4131088/david-beckham-team-to-reveal-soccer.html


►►►  BECKHAM’S STATEMENT TO BE PERSONALLY COMMITTED TO MIAMI:   On May 9, 2014 in a sit-down meeting with the  Miami Herald Editorial Board David Beckham stated his commitment to Miami:  Read Michelle Kaufman’s excellent article below:    http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/05/09/4106067/david-beckham-on-miami-mls-team.html

Becks and Patricia Photo by Robin Hill (c)

[ Photo Credit:  by Robin Hill Miami ]  From Union Jack Newspaper Florida Column March 2014 issue by Patricia Kawaja   Your columnist about to ask David Beckham a question at the Major League Soccer Press Conference February 5, 2014 in downtown Miami.  With him on the podium were the Mayor of Miami and MLS President Don Garber.  Beckham was in town to officially announce he has chosen Miami over every other USA city for his new soccer team.  Triple Yaaay!!  We Miami Brit footie fans are uber stoked.   I witnessed Beckham being swarmed [like the Pope on a visit to South America] wherever he went that week. One arranged visit to South Miami to meet a local  youth team and sign footballs, had to be abandoned midway because Becks couldn’t push through the crowds.  It was getting risky for him as police were undermanned but he smiled tolerantly like the class act he is.  His starpower in a city always dripping with celebrities cannot be over-stated, because Miami is a soccer mecca.  THE LATEST:  Beckham’s people are now viewing site options in downtown Miami to build a custom soccer stadium, required by the MLS.  This ongoing story is crucial to Florida Brits and too vast to cover in my statewide column,  so I’ve created a dedicated source to read Beckham team updates.  Find it on the top menu of  www.britishflorida.com.  Also read the Miami Herald’s accomplished soccer columnist Michelle Kaufman on www.miamiherald.com I’m a fan of her column!  Beckham has not chosen his team name but MIAMI UNITED sounds ideal to me!

► May 16, 2014 NAME OF BECKHAM’S MIAMI TEAM:  TBA “Not chosen yet. We will probably let the people of Miami help us choose” Beckham’s                                                                                        people told us press May 16, 2014
► LOCATION of SOCCER STADIUM in Miami:     TBA…ongoing saga sadly due to Miami’s usual politics and self-interested naysayers. Beckham and partners want a downtwown waterfront locations. His first two choices have been vetoed by city officials, so effective June 11, 2014 it’s back to the drawing board.  I am absolutely 100 % FOR a downtown waterfront location or anywhere  DOWNTOWN ONLY.—-Patricia Kawaja [ex-Londoner ] publisher of this website.  

Call [305] 858-3935.  

►  DAVID BECKHAM’S OFFICE in Miami:    TBA when team is named etc.   

TIP:   The marvellous Miami Herald is closely covering the David Beckham MLS soccer team story almost day by day!  Go to their website  www.miamiherald.com and search by David Beckham. That will pull up every bit of current info there is.

—Patricia Kawaja
Publisher of www.britishflorida.com

 Vistasoccersticker       Scan0002 (931x1280)


BELOW IS ACTUAL LETTER I EMAILED TO MIAMI HERALD Which they published on December 13, 2013. See it scanned above on this page.

November 27, 2013 


As a downtown resident British businessowner, I see Port of Miami as the ideal Major League Soccer stadium choice for David Beckham’s British-Miami investors consortium. [Herald front page November 27].  Unlike the Marlins fiasco in the shabbier outskirts of town, this location works because: 

*  The stadium needs only 25,000 takers—-the Brickell-to-Omni resident population of soccer lovers [Latins galore, Brits, French, Germans, Italians can fill those seats alone!  None needs to get their cars out. 

*  Add the thousands of year-round visiting Brits from cruiseships and South Beach who will take in a nearby match. [1.3 million annual visitors come here from the UK—many to Miami].

*  Ditto armies of visitors to Bayside from the world’s soccer-loving nations who could walk to this MLS stadium. 

*  Ditto international guests at downtown Miami’s many hotels.

*  European soccer-loving nations like the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and others have their Consulates situated downtown and will entertain their national constituents at MLS matches.

*  There is ample downtown public transportation [Metromover/City Trolley/several city buses stopping near the Port/herds of yellow cabs. This transportation pipeline already works on packed Heat nights. 

 The over-riding advantage to the Port location is that it can be filled by walkers not drivers!

 Situating the MLS stadium there would be a shrewd approval by the City of Miami, atoning for past headscratching ones!


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