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ART in Florida : British artists/galleries+Art Shows in Miami area.

Florida abounds with resident British artists, painters, antique dealers and British-run galleries.  So much so, that we have a created a page for them.  Also professional British photographers, many of whom exhibit in galleries and have studios operate in many cities in Florida.  The ones who wish to showcase and market themselves will be featured here.  

►  EVERY DECEMBER :   ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH  featuring numerous galleries and exhibitors from the UK, this is Florida‘s cultural event of the year.  I have attended every year since its start with art collector friends over especially from London.  It’s enjoyable to ogle handsome English dealers in pin-stripe Saville Row suits as much as their inventory.  No flip-flops here.  You can enjoy over 800 art-related events and parties across the Miami area.  Occurring annually since  2002,  Art Basel Miami Beach features 250 galleries from dozens of countries, especially the UK.  Participants make it the most prestigious art show of the Americas, featuring established galleries and dynamic newcomers, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several million for museum-quality masterpieces.  INFO and TICKETS:  www.artbasel.com  Click on the Miami Beach section.  

ART WYNWOOD a major art show in Miami,  February 16-20, 2017. Details and tickets on www.artwynwood.com


►    British Artist Grahame Menage, based in Miami.  We always need gifts for the people in our lives.  However, instead of scouring the Internet for gift guides or trotting round a department store, consider giving a gift that comes from the heart. A gift as thoughtful as it is inspiring, appreciated for years to come: art in the form of a pet portrait.   British artist Grahame creates classic custom dog portraits.  His portraiture demonstrates a level of craftsmanship and refinement  unique among contemporary pet portrait artists.  You [or the pet] can be based anywhere in the USA.  Just  email or send Grahame a photo of your dog.  Grahame will explain all when you contact him. Based in Miami, Grahame’s work can be found across the USA, around the world, in private homes, restaurants and also film sets.  See examples of his pet portraits on his website  www.grahamemenage.com/gallery/pet-portraits/   To begin the process of commissioning a portrait,  contact Grahame:  Phone [786] 615.5653 or email   Grahame@GrahameMenage.com  A FABB member. 

 ►  MIAMI   Grahame Ménage is an established professional British artist and designer of interiors, offering frescoes, trompe l’oeil, gilding and faux effects. He has worked for prestigious clients around the world, including the Royal Berkshire Polo Club where Princes Charles, William and Harry play, the Welsh National Opera, The National Theatre in London and created scenery for fifty movie productions.     Now he is bringing his thirty-plus years experience to bear on the private sector, painting in homes, restaurants and hotels around the world. “I like to think that when I paint a room I’m taking art out of the frames we tend to associate with it, “ says Grahame.   “My goal is to create works of art that surround you – fantastical spaces that clients can step right into.”  While the tools may be the same, designing residential interiors serves a much different purpose, : he says.  Rooms that I have painted are immersive,” he says. “They have an energy to them. They are environments you experience through personal interaction. You can touch them. You can examine them in detail, or stand back to take in the bigger picture. These are rooms to be lived in, not just looked at.”    A member of the Florida Association of British Business [FABB] since February 2015,    contact Grahame directly to discuss your needs on his cell 678] 230-4033 via email grahame@grahamemenage.com  See his work, testimonials  and client list on website www.grahamemenage.com

►     British artists exhibit often at the Bass Museum of Art, 2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139.   Tel.  [305] 673.7530 www.bassmuseum.org

►    NEED A BRITISH ACCENT FOR YOUR PROJECT,  RADIO/TV COMMERCIAL, VOICEOVER or other purposes? The British accent is in great demand in the USA as a sales tool and to the American ear carries the sound of authority and sexiness.  Hire the professional velvet British voice of Patricia Kawaja in Miami. Patricia has years of professional experience and has done voiceovers for Cunard cruiselines,  WSVN Channel 7 in Miami,  Shangri-La World Class Hotel Chain and others in South Florida.   Call her on [305] 371-9340 to discuss your needs.     

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